Cotonhall Spartan

HB No: 028737123 | DOB: 12/08/2021 | Col: Light Roan | AI Code S2180
Cotonhall Spartan
Cotonhall Spartan

Cotonhall Spartan is a son of Winbrook King Henry who was renowned for his ability to transmit good type.

His dam is a Butternut with outstanding conformation and exceptional milk solids.

There are two super sisters to Spartan, milking in the Cotonhall Herd.

SIRE: Winbrook King Henry
PG Sire: Kingsdale Peris Champ MG Sire: Blackwood Park Butternut
DAM: Cotonhall Butternut Sapphire EX93

Sexed: Yes
Available for Export: YES

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