Gorbro Stormy Jon

HB No: 5307 | DOB: 27/06/2020 | Col: Red & White | AI Code S2187
Gorbro Stormy Jon
Gorbro Stormy Jon

Gorbro Stormy Jon is one for the connoisseur of high type.

His dam, Llandovery JR Joan EX95 who was Grand Champion
IIIawarra at the International Dairy Week (IDW)

His sire, Gorbro BT Sunstorm Supreme is out of the only IIIawarra cow to be crowned All Breeds Supreme Champion at IDW.

SIRE: Gorbro BT Sunstorm Supreme
PG Sire: Treeton Pingerley
MG Sire: Fradon Jet Red
DAM: Llandovery JR Joan EX95

Sexed: Yes
Available for Export: Yes

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